Robotics in Manufacturing is Changing the Playing Field

Posted on April 20th, 2017
robot loader

Automation has been getting a bad reputation recently. There are a lot of fears in the job market about America’s preparedness for handling the robotics revolution that is coming. It’s obvious this is where the manufacturing industry in the U.S. is headed. Our counterparts in Asia seem to have gotten it right, robotics is the future of manufacturing, and our factories will have to fall in line with this inevitability. The question is not when is this revolution coming, but how it will change the face of manufacturing forever. Read the signs and what you’ll see is that most manufacturing and additive manufacturing will be more design-based, more intelligent, and cheaper through the changes in automation. STEM Importance Market innovators and robotic engineers are pleading for further investment in robotics research. But there is a lot of push-back on this…

Workshop for Warriors Demonstrates the Support Our Veterans Need

Posted on April 13th, 2017
Workshop for Warriors

Almost everyone in the United States has a connection to a veteran. Perhaps your brother, sister, uncle or niece. We all have someone we know and love who serves or has served our country. After their service is completed, veterans sometimes have difficulty assimilating once again to civilian life. This reintegration can be a harsh process and statistics show that veterans make up a significant percentage of the unemployed in the United States. They also show they’re more likely to suffer from depression and in all too many cases, suicide. These are frightening facts for our warriors coming back home trying to find purpose and stability. Workshop for Warriors in one program stepping up to the plate to stabilize this transition. This initiative is led by ex-Naval Officer Hernan Luis y Prado. Workshop for Warriors attempts to provide a conduit…