Ohio Has a Long History with The Manufacturing Industry

Posted on March 29th, 2018
ohio manufacturing

Shortly after the Civil War and with the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, Ohio began its’ long history with manufacturing. The Great Lakes to the north brought in metals for the railroad and the transportation & production of these metals began the path for war production manufacturing during both World Wars. The State of Ohio has long built a solid reputation for making things and jobs. Manufacturing is responsible for employing more people in Ohio than any other state with over 680K workers and an average salary of $72K. One of the top sectors is within the automotive and automotive parts manufacturing sector and Ohio is at the top in parts manufacturing with large investments in the auto sector. The future is looking great as well with Cleveland.com forecasting this sector to grow 19% and increase employment numbers to 28,800 by…

New Jersey Has a Thriving Food Manufacturing Industry

Posted on February 21st, 2018
nj manufacturing

Manufacturing In New Jersey breaks down into three major industries: the chemical industry, the computer and electronics, and food, beverage & tobacco industry. The latter becoming a huge contender to surpass the chemical industry in many areas as we’ll explore next. A thriving industry worth $104 billion, the food manufacturing industry is expanding at a whole new pace. Around 1900 food manufacturing companies currently employ a total of 44,000 people. A few of the best-known in the state are Campbell Soups, Arizona Brewing Company, and Goya Foods. When the world’s largest producer of soups agreed to buy Bolthouse Farms for about $1.55 billion, it sent ripples across the state. Expanding its footprints in the soup business, the company also decided to go into a strategic partnership with Chef’d, an e-commerce meal marketplace. President and Chief Executive Officer at Campbell Soup Company,…