Although currently ranked #6 by Forbes’ Best States for Business, Virginia had been ranking among the top two best states for businesses each year from 2006 through 2013. With a GDP of $480 billion, manufacturing contributes approximately 9% to that total. 5.9% of Virginia’s workforce is employed by 4560 manufacturing firms and there has been a steady increase in the number of manufacturing goods exported from Virginia, since 2009. This is evident from the figures , whereas exported goods revenue in 2012 stood right at $12 billion and by 2015 was $16 billion. Also, with a HDI (human development index) of 5.47, Virginia’s living conditions beat 80% of all other states. Food and beverage manufacturing is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Virginia by contributing a direct economic output worth $25.2 billion. This sector provides work opportunities to 35,000 individuals….