The manufacturing industry in Minnesota is incredibly important to the overall state economy. Driven by technology, engineers and innovators work hard in Minnesota to invent products that make the state, and the world, a better place.

Minnesota boasts an HDI of 5.89, making it the 7th best state to live and work. Unemployment rates are as low as just 3.7%, while high school graduation rates sit above 78%. College attendance rates are also quite promising. According to Forbes Magazine, Minnesota is the 15th best state for doing business.

Agriculture Industry

Minnesota is the 4th largest state in agricultural exports. According to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, the food production industry earns about  $19 Billion annually in revenues. Crops and livestock contribute almost equally to the economy, with crops bringing in $10 Billion and livestock around $9 Billion. While the most abundant crop is corn, which accounts for about 45% of all produce grown in Minnesota, soybeans are the largest export.

Minnesota is not only one of the Nation’s biggest food exporters and producers, but it’s also one of the most prominent in agricultural machinery development.

High-technology and preparation are taking a more prominent role in this manufacturing sector, as they roll out more efficient and effective designs to meet demand. Minnesota is headquarters to machinery companies like Caterpillar, Mixall, Manta, and EnTech Industries.

Prosthetic and Medical Devices

Minnesota’s Medical Device manufacturing is by far their strongest sector. This sector is also one of the biggest contributors of jobs, employing around 30,000 people which triples the national average for the industry. In addition to implants, prosthetics, and equipment parts, Minnesota produces lab-grown organs and mechanical heart valves which are a product of the state’s and manufacturers innovation.

Minnesota has been a leader in the US Medical Device industry market fer decades. According to the U.S. Trade and Patent Office, Minnesota produces more medical device patents than any other state. Perhaps this is because the Mayo clinic works side-by-side with the University of Minnesota to develop new technologies in the medical device industry.

With a culture of innovation and incredible employment opportunities, it’s no wonder Minnesota is one of the top manufacturing states in the country. While famous for their breathtaking, robust lakes, they have more to offer than leisure excursions.


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