The German Manufacturing Industry Faces Many Challenges Ahead

Posted on May 11th, 2017
German manufacturing

Germany has a long history of industry and manufacturing that reaches back to their nationalist roots in the 1800s. They’ve always been an example of economic stability, management, and innovation, not only Europe, but the rest of the world, has followed. When it comes to manufacturing, automotive companies like BMW and Mercedes-Benz or electronics companies like Siemens come to mind. These enterprises, like most, have shown great stamina and endurance in the past years, especially after the 2008 global economic drop. Changes in the Market The past six years of German PMI only show gains. But we may see signs of this changing.  A steady slowing of production and labor market transition away from manufacturing jobs has recently stunned the market. In January, a quarterly report released information on the current state of European manufacturing. This report contained Germany’s PMI…

The Netherlands is Gaining Attention in The Global Manufacturing Community

Posted on May 4th, 2017
Netherlands manufacturing

What’s better than having a high-tech manufacturing facility with well-trained workers and engineers designing new approaches to your product? It seems like a pretty ideal situation for any manufacturer. Welcome to the world of Dutch Manufacturing, a re-emerging industrial economy. It may sound strange to consider the Netherlands as a manufacturing hub but ever since 2008, both the private and public sectors have taken an initiative to help the industrial economy of The Netherlands grow. Reshoring and government investment played a huge role. 2014 demonstrated great promise, for instance, when the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment invested 600M euro in only manufacturing. With many manufacturing companies recently making Capialmind’s Fabulous Forty Industrial Markets, we can no longer ignore the impact that the Dutch have as a manufacturing hub. Their bounce back from the international economic crisis seven years ago…