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New Jersey Has a Thriving Food Manufacturing Industry

Posted on February 21st, 2018
nj manufacturing

Manufacturing In New Jersey breaks down into three major industries: the chemical industry, the computer and electronics, and food, beverage & tobacco industry. The latter becoming a huge contender to surpass the chemical industry in many areas as we’ll explore next. A thriving industry worth $104 billion, the food manufacturing industry is expanding at a whole new pace. Around 1900 food manufacturing companies currently employ a total of 44,000 people. A few of the best-known in the state are Campbell Soups, Arizona Brewing Company, and Goya Foods. When the world’s largest producer of soups agreed to buy Bolthouse Farms for about $1.55 billion, it sent ripples across the state. Expanding its footprints in the soup business, the company also decided to go into a strategic partnership with Chef’d, an e-commerce meal marketplace. President and Chief Executive Officer at Campbell Soup Company,…

Virginia Consistently Ranks in the Top for Business and Manufacturing

Posted on January 23rd, 2018
virginia manufacturing

Although currently ranked #6 by Forbes’ Best States for Business, Virginia had been ranking among the top two best states for businesses each year from 2006 through 2013. With a GDP of $480 billion, manufacturing contributes approximately 9% to that total. 5.9% of Virginia’s workforce is employed by 4560 manufacturing firms and there has been a steady increase in the number of manufacturing goods exported from Virginia, since 2009. This is evident from the figures , whereas exported goods revenue in 2012 stood right at $12 billion and by 2015 was $16 billion. Also, with a HDI (human development index) of 5.47, Virginia’s living conditions beat 80% of all other states. Food and beverage manufacturing is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Virginia by contributing a direct economic output worth $25.2 billion. This sector provides work opportunities to 35,000 individuals….