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Manufacturing in France Continues to Represent a Greater Portion of Their GDP

Posted on August 14th, 2017
French Manufacturing

Being the tenth largest economy in the world with a GDP of $2,699 trillion and a 1.1% GDP real growth (2016), France continually strives to maintain its place as one of the European leaders and to increase its influential role in global economy. With a manufacturing industry representing almost 20% of its total GDP and an industrial production growth rate of 0.5%, France is the 4th largest industrial producer, only behind the USA, Japan, and Germany. This data accounts for the vital role of manufacturing in its economy, as it functions as the primary sources of exports income and one fundamental area to internationally strengthen its position. Always considering diversification as a necessary factor within its industry, France has a large production of vehicles, metallurgical products, machinery, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, textiles, and food products. It also holds a reputation for…

Changes in The Italian Manufacturing Economy are Underway

Posted on July 27th, 2017
Italian Manufacturing

Italy. Famous for the Roman Colosseum, the romantic channels of Venice, artisan wine and hand-blown glass. They are one of the largest countries in Europe, and one of the largest economies. Although their industries are changing, they remain a potent force in manufacturing. In the past, they made the transition away from an agricultural economy. Now, trends show they may be moving away from automotive production as well. In the last two years, Italy’s economy has seen a slow growth of .8 percent, despite a major crash in their biggest manufacturing sector. Even still, according to the OECD  the economy is expected to grow and additional 1% each year for the next five years. Additionally, revenues in manufacturing are expected to grow 2.4% for the next few years. While some consider this growth a positive sign for the country, others…