There’s some debate regarding the best way(s) to prep the edge of a cutting tool, carbide insert, tap, reamer, drill bit, gear hob, spiral bevel stick blade or gear shaper cutter. MET is here to answer that decades-long question. In each of these cases, MET recommends a nylon abrasive filament brush. Applying a nylon brush to the edges of the tools is a very effective and repeatable edge prep solution. While many assume other methods such as blasting or drag finishing to be more effective, a nylon brush stands apart for its ability to be angled. This allows an operator to focus on a specific area of the tool, granting the user access to areas that need sharpening and the option to avoid areas that do not.

Benefits of Nylon

The customized approach of a nylon abrasive brush removes a dull edge and adds a measure of safety for the individual using the tool. One other benefit is the visual quality of a nylon brush and its easy-to-see breakdown process. Through continuous use, the nylon brush will break down in diameter and density. This process is often more predictable than the breakdown of the size, shape, chemistry and media of mass finishing materials.

Each MET nylon brush contains a combination of nylon and another abrasive material, extruding filaments from the mix. By applying different volumes of abrasive materials, MET can customize the nylon abrasive brush to be more abrasive or less abrasive. This adjustment lets manufacturers choose how aggressive, or how abrasive, each brush’s filaments should be for the intended job. MET manufactures the filaments in a variety of sizes, shapes and abrasive levels.

Using a nylon abrasive filament brush to perform edge prep produces highly repeatable results. Each nylon brush offers two cutting aspects.

  1. The cut achieved from the abrasive material
  2. The force applied based on the type of bristle or the diameter

Brushes are specific to the edge prep with tolerances typically run within .0001” and can consistently produce predictable, satisfactory results. Other non-nylon edge prep options include diamond replacement brushes for a fast cut rate and silicon carbide brushes for soft materials.

Maximizing Efficiencies

Regular edge prep improves surface finish, lengthens tool life, reduces rejected product and lessens material waste. Try nylon abrasive brushes from MET for highly repeatable edge prep results. MET’s edge prep solutions processes require minimal effort from in-house operators and the edge prep tools create labor savings for manufacturers that need to apply edge prep technology to their products.