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Edge Preparation Brush Options

Posted on July 16th, 2021

It almost goes without saying that edge prep results will vary from one tool to the next (taking in consideration for the application of the tool as well). The amount of edge prep results may need to be as minute as .0002″ and all the way up to .005″ in certain cases. In the case of the larger edge prep, the brush utilized is required to be in contact with the tool longer to create this edge. And the longer the brush is in contact with the tool, the more wear is generated on the brush. If one edge-prepped tool makes exclusive use of a diamond brush, the cost per edge-prepped part can be much greater than if a combination of brush media were used. Obviously, all this figures into the cost per part. So, what are the brush media…

Nylon Abrasive Brushes

Posted on June 10th, 2021
edge preparation

In edge preparation, the use of nylon abrasive brushes is the most effective way to produce a highly controlled, specific edge prep on the edge of any cutting tool or similar instrument. Unlike other methods – such as drag finishing or blasting – the nylon abrasive brush can be angled and focused on a specific area of the tool, as well as kept away from areas not to be touched by the abrasive material. And given that the visual evidence of reduced diameter or density of a brush is obvious to the machine operator, the breakdown of the media is more predictable versus the breakdown of mass-finishing media size, shape, chemistry, etc. In short, nylon abrasive brushes have proven to be enormously effective and efficient in edge honing. As such, MET considers the use of nylon brush media with nearly…