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Edge Preparation Honing Process

Posted on March 25th, 2020
edge honing

You’ve may have heard the joke about the person who is not the sharpest tool in the shed. This illustrates the quandary of someone who is unprepared or simply not up to the task. For those in the manufacturing industry, it’s easy to see the connection. A tool that’s not kept well-maintained, sharp and functional is a liability and could even be dangerous. Prioritizing Maintenance Therefore, smart manufacturers make it a priority to keep manufacturing parts in good condition. This includes making it a priority to maintain well-honed, sharp and functional parts. The importance of a well-honed edge is a constant truth dating back to the earliest use of tools by our ancestors. Without the use of technology or even a particularly large brain, these individuals intuitively understood a sharp cutting tool performs better. Dull tools require more effort and…

Is Collaboration the Key to Ohio Manufacturing’s Future?

Posted on March 24th, 2015

Is collaboration the key to Ohio manufacturing‘s future? What makes one thing work in one area and not in another? Why is one element a success and something else a failure? How does an initiative work in one department and fail miserably in another? The answer is both simple and complicated. It often comes down to the people involved in the initiative. Throughout the nation we’ve seen numerous examples of how the involvement of the right people and collaborative actions can make big things happen. One example is within the manufacturing industry where there’s a collective positivity that things within the industry are on the upward swing. As you might imagine, some areas are making a much better go of the rejuvenation effort. One instance of this is within the thriving engineering, automotive and engineering industries in Indianapolis, Indiana. The…