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Your Manufacturing Business Will Benefit from Edge Preparation Services

Posted on March 2nd, 2020
edge preparation services

Are you on the fence regarding if your business could benefit from edge preparation services? We’re here to unequivocally say there’s a very good chance edge prep could be a great benefit to your business and your employees. With decades of edge prep experience, we see time after time how edge prep, also known as honing, is an excellent way to improve and extend the lifespan of a tool. One of the most important of the edge prep processes is honing, the creation of a controlled radius and surface finish improvement. Manufacturers employ honing to many cutting tools using an abrasive surface of silicon carbide, ceramic, nylon filament or diamond. In the distant past these efforts were achieved manually, but today thanks to advanced processes of motorization and mechanization, edge prep is easily achievable by working with MET. MET Edge…

Edge Prep Improves the Longevity and Reliability of Machinery

Posted on August 27th, 2019
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Many of life’s successes are the result of small actions that build on each other over time. With continuous motion, these habits and consistencies become building blocks toward the maintenance of life. Such a level of maintenance through discipline also applies to the tools and machinery used in a manufacturing plant. Regular maintenance is key to making tools and machinery last longer and perform better over time. While this level of maintenance might feel like overkill at times, it’s one of the most cost-effective elements a plant can apply. Unexpected downtime in the form of a broken machines, jammed lines and employee injuries are never planned for and can be costly. While regular maintenance can’t promise to alleviate every problem, it can help reduce these unexpected issues and improve the longevity and reliability of tools and machinery throughout the plant….