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Making Cyber-Security a Priority in the Manufacturing Industry

Posted on April 20th, 2020
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Unless you’re paid to be clued into security measures, it can feel like a big undertaking to consider and prepare for the growing range of cyber-security needs. If you’re like most of us, electronics and related security matters bump along in a semi-automated function. When an app or operating device such as a phone or desktop suggests an upgrade, it’s easy to hit “ok” with little thought to what’s happening behind the scenes. Just such a scenario is ideal for hackers who plan on challenging the status quo when least expected. Continuing Vigilance Not surprisingly, much of the cyber-security information released at the beginning of the year warned of more security breaches to come and the need for efficient procedures to counteract lurking security threats. An article published on said, “99% of vulnerabilities exploited will keep on being ones…

New Year Equals New Job in Manufacturing

Posted on February 11th, 2020
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It’s a new year and there’s no better time for an update in the form of a new job in manufacturing. Because of an ongoing skills gap, manufacturers are on the lookout for employees who are versed in the newest manufacturing skills. If you haven’t thought of a career in manufacturing before, know there are many positive changes worth considering. To start, manufacturing is no longer considered a “dirty” industry with only low-wage jobs. Today’s manufacturing is on the cutting edge, applying high-skill applications and paying higher wages. Manufacturing now includes growing applications of automation, the use of robots and cobots (robots working with humans), artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and IoT, the Internet of Things. New pairings of technology and innovation continue to move the industry forward as manufacturing draws on applications of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). As…