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National Manufacturing Day 2018 Opened Doors and Opened Minds

Posted on October 18th, 2018
manufacturing jobs

Qualified candidates are always in demand and staffing the manufacturing industry is no exception. When it comes to connecting with and inspiring the next generation of manufacturers, innovation and open-mindedness are where to start, and National Manufacturing Day 2018 didn’t disappoint. This year’s Open Doors, Open Minds theme helped attract new generations to the manufacturing industry with celebrations highlighting what’s new in the industry throughout the month of October. Participants enjoyed seeing new technological advances and were pleasantly surprised to see the growing range of manufacturing applications from auto and aeronautics to medical and chemical. National Manufacturing Day introduced younger generations to the many career opportunities in the manufacturing field. Such possibilities continue to grow each year as the industry discovers more ways to blend traditional manufacturing processes with new advances in technology. Despite this, the industry still must combat…

Manufacturing is Great for The Canadian Economy

Posted on August 30th, 2017
Manufacturing in Canada

With one of the most educated workforce’s in the world, it is no wonder that Canada has a thriving manufacturing industry. The infrastructure remains well-developed since the 60’s which has promoted the creation of numerous public projects and allowed them to focus on developing technologies.  As a result, Canada is one of the wealthiest nations in the world with a GDP of about $1.6 trillion. Like many developed nations, the country is moving toward a service-based economy. Now, about 3/4 of Canadians work in the tertiary sector. However, the manufacturing industry also plays an important role in the economy accounting for 11 percent of the GDP. It is the second largest sector after real estate. Petroleum Canada has the third-largest oil reserves, and it is the fifth largest oil producer in the world. The United States is the primary purchaser…