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The MET-4 is an Autoloader

Posted on June 2nd, 2021
met 4 autoloader

The MET-4 is an autoloader, a robot loading the machine – the first of numerous edge-prep machines to be “factory ready” for the addition of the robot loader feature. We designed the MET-4 as an autoloader because we knew the benefits of removing “the human element” from the process. As we mentioned in the previous article, humans are, by nature, prone to making little errors from time to time. In the machine-driven honing and edge-prep process, this kind of human error may lead to costly damage to tools that are dropped, scratched, or broken. But, of course, this kind of decision to implement a limited amount of robotics in the edge-preparation process is not without questions from our valued clients. In this follow-up article, we hope to set the record straight on a few of these questions and issues. The…

Finding the Right Edge Prep Solution

Posted on April 21st, 2016

Finding the right edge prep solution for your manufacturing tools requires talking with experts in the field that have the experience and access to the proper edge prep equipment to devise the best solution for your needs. Mutschler Edge Tech (MET) is known for its production of edge prep equipment such as the MET-2, MET-4 and MET-10. The importance of quality edge prep solutions continues to grow as more and more manufacturers discover its many benefits. The edge prep equipment is responsible for edge prep solutions such as the production of reliable and repeatable processes for mills, drills, inserts and virtually any other cutting tool. The MET-2 is considered our universal edge prep system with a maximum tool diameter of 6.0 inches and an overall length of 10 inches. MET-2 Capabilities Drills Endmills Reamers Taps Hob cutters Shaper cutters MET-10…