A dull edge on a tool can produce unnecessary frustration and it can also be a danger to the individual using it. The benefits of having tools with a proper, sharp edge can be traced back to our earliest ancestors. Maintaining a sharp edge on a knife or an arrowhead could make the difference between survival and death, particularly if that sharp point was used to kill dinner or protect a family.

Thankfully today, edge preparation is more about good manufacturing processes and less about survival in the wild. Instead of relying on look and feel to determine if an edge is properly prepped, we have advanced processes that involve motorization and mechanization. One of the most important of those processes being honing, the creation of a controlled radius and surface finish improvement. Manufacturers employ honing to many cutting tools such as drill bits, carbide inserts, end mills, taps, reamers, gear hobs, gear shaper cutters, saw blades and spiral bevel stick blades.

Benefits of Honing and Edge Prep

  • Lengthens the life of the tool
  • Improves the surface finish of the workpiece
  • Reduces the amount of rejected product
  • Lessens product material waste

Better Tool Performance

Having the right tool for the job can make a huge difference. Cutting tools that have well-honed edges naturally perform better. They also ensure consistency over time by maintaining the quality of the end-product piece after piece over an extended amount of time. Proper honing can also reduce spindle load and cycle times. Parts and pieces with properly honed edges reduce noise and vibration that can lead to other problems on the floor. All these things combine to improve work and reduce the overall cost of manufacturing over a period of time.

Mutschler Edge Technologies (MET) produces reliable edge prep systems such as applying a nylon abrasive filament brush to a tool’s edges in a procedure that produces highly repeatable results. MET also offers silicon carbide and diamond replacement brushes for edge prep systems. Silicon carbide brushes are a cost-effective solution, perfect for softer materials. Diamond brushes offer a fast cut rate, long life and a great surface finish. While more expensive than traditional silicon carbide brushes, they provide an excellent cut rate and are effective on many materials. MET processes require minimal operator effort, creating important labor savings for any manufacturer using the edge prep technology.

MET Edge Prep Systems

  • MET-4 Servo Edge Prep Machine
  • MET-4 with Robot Load Option
  • MET-10 Insert Edge Prep Machine
  • MET-2 Edge Prep Machine