Finding the right edge prep solution for your manufacturing tools requires talking with experts in the field that have the experience and access to the proper edge prep equipment to devise the best solution for your needs. Mutschler Edge Tech (MET) is known for its production of edge prep equipment such as the MET-2, MET-4 and MET-10. The importance of quality edge prep solutions continues to grow as more and more manufacturers discover its many benefits. The edge prep equipment is responsible for edge prep solutions such as the production of reliable and repeatable processes for mills, drills, inserts and virtually any other cutting tool. The MET-2 is considered our universal edge prep system with a maximum tool diameter of 6.0 inches and an overall length of 10 inches.

MET-2 Capabilities





Hob cutters

Shaper cutters

MET-10 Capabilities

Edge prep radii

Large variety of inserts

Dual intelligent part rotational spindles

Offset adjustment for waterfall and full radii selection

Standard or Custom programs

MET-4 Capabilities



End mills

Step drill

Round tools

Edge Prep Innovators 

Each of the MET edge prep machine builds on a long company history of hands-on use and the customer-client discovery process. Over the years, this emphasis on learning and discovery is one of the primary reasons why MET continues to create edge prep solutions that allow manufacturers in a number of industries to create their best work. This level of teamwork is directly related to the one-on-one collaborative processes created with each of our customers that allows MET to continually build on and improve MET’s line of edge prep solutions.

Examples of this desire for continued innovation are evident in the MET-2, designed for second-generation versatility and the MET-10, which is designed for inserts. The MET-4 is a servo edge prep machines with a robot load option. The updated MET-2 is perfect for rotational cutting tools of all types, and the MET-10 is an out-of-the-box solution for all types of inserts. Each of the stand-alone edge prep solutions allows full vision of the process as it occurs and the ability to create and store custom “recipes.”

Solutions Today and Beyond

In order to elevate the use and wear of manufactured products today and in the future MET begins each edge prep order with a thorough exploration process, combining the experience of trusted MET manufacturers with the critical information from the individuals responsible for creating the edge prep work. Each instance is designed to be unique and beneficial for the customer whether they are using single-, two- and three-diameter drills, reamers, endmills and large-diameter endmills or gundrills.

To learn about our custom edge prep solutions, contact MET today to learn how our skilled manufacturing workforce can create a custom edge-prep solution for you.