Are you on the fence regarding if your business could benefit from edge preparation services? We’re here to unequivocally say there’s a very good chance edge prep could be a great benefit to your business and your employees. With decades of edge prep experience, we see time after time how edge prep, also known as honing, is an excellent way to improve and extend the lifespan of a tool.

One of the most important of the edge prep processes is honing, the creation of a controlled radius and surface finish improvement. Manufacturers employ honing to many cutting tools using an abrasive surface of silicon carbide, ceramic, nylon filament or diamond. In the distant past these efforts were achieved manually, but today thanks to advanced processes of motorization and mechanization, edge prep is easily achievable by working with MET.

MET Edge Prep Systems

  • MET-4 Servo Edge Prep Machine
  • MET-4 with Robot Load Option
  • MET-10 Insert Edge Prep Machine
  • MET-2 Edge Prep Machine

The Sharpest Tool

Edge prep is officially defined as “the creation of a controlled radius and surface finish improvement at the intersection of the two points that create the cutting edge.” In other words, edge prep is about using tools to maintain a sharp edge.

Tools Benefitting from Edge Prep

  • Drill bits
  • End mills (roughing and finishing)
  • Carbide inserts
  • Form ground round tools
  • Reamers
  • Taps
  • Gear hobs
  • Gear shaper cutters
  • Spiral bevel stick blades
  • Round or hack saw blades
  • Rock drills

Not convinced yet? Try to cut a piece of paper with a dull pair of scissors or slice into a juicy, thick steak with a dull edge and you’ll quickly see the increased efficiency of a tool that is sharp over a tool that is dull. At the very least, a dull edge on a tool is frustrating. Even worse, it’s a danger to the person tasked with using the tool. Tools with dull edges produce ragged edges that inhibit smooth piece assembly. Tiny pieces that break off from the ragged edges can jam a machine or piece, or a ragged edge could unexpectedly cause physical injury to someone working on the line.

Having a sharp edge on a tool boosts friction to produce clean, accurate cuts. If a sharp cut isn’t a top priority, consider that edge prep services also improve the surface finish of a workpiece, reduce spindle load and lower the overall cost of manufacturing.

Why Consider Edge Prep?

  • Lengthen tool life
  • Improve surface finish of a workpiece
  • Reduce rejected product
  • Lessen waste of product material

Maximizing Work with Edge Prep

Having the right tool for the job can make a huge difference. At MET, we pride ourselves on our ability to match an edge prep process or system to our client’s unique and specific needs, defining and controlling the honing process to within .0001”. Cutting tools that have well-honed edges naturally perform better, something your business and your customers deserve.