There’s some truth to not messing with a good thing. Edge prep technologies could fit within this category. Historically, humans have employed edge prep tools since the beginning of time. Those charged with the important construction of early tools like arrowheads and swords understood the importance of honing an edge to perfection.

While there have been some improvements in the craft, the basics of edge prep technology remain largely unchanged. What has evolved is the reliability and consistency new edge prep technology offers to manufacturers in a range of industries. Prior to the modern age of industrialization, edge prep was in the hands of a minority. These craftsmen were known and sought out for their stone-sharpening techniques. Knowledge was then passed to an apprentice who may or may not have had the same abilities as the master. It was a manual technique that was often only as good as the person doing the work.

Edge Prep Applications

Today, a variety of edge prep applications are available for bits and cutters that are fitted into mechanical cutting tools. High-tech options now offer the same principles early generations employed to hone and sharpen cutting tools and now almost anyone can perfect this skill. Today’s edge prep tools eliminate the hard-to-control sharpening stone and offer predictable and reliable finishes for a variety of tools.

One example of this is a rotating abrasive brush made of nylon, silicon carbide, ceramic or even diamond. By applying a variety of surface finishes, operators can match the tool to the application. Techniques of brush edge prep can be used on many different cutting tools such as drill bits and most styles and types of endmills, reamers, hob cutters, taps and shaper cutters. These applications offer a minimum of constraints. The previously mentioned cutting tools benefit from edge prep if they fit within a 6.0” maximum tool diameter and a 10” maximum overall length, offering manufacturers many application options.

Edge Prep Options

At MET, we believe in offering our customers options. Our cost-effective machines enable the end-user to apply a standard or custom edge prep application to a variety of cutting tools. We let the end-user determine the best edge prep tool to improve the surface finish for the tool or work piece.

MET offers automated edge prep machines for in-house processing and piecework edge prep service for tools. To learn more, contact MET with the specifics of your applications. We can help you determine the best brush for your edge prep needs.