Edge Prep Improves the Longevity and Reliability of Machinery

Posted on August 27th, 2019
edge prep machine

Many of life’s successes are the result of small actions that build on each other over time. With continuous motion, these habits and consistencies become building blocks toward the maintenance of life. Such a level of maintenance through discipline also applies to the tools and machinery used in a manufacturing plant. Regular maintenance is key to making tools and machinery last longer and perform better over time. While this level of maintenance might feel like overkill at times, it’s one of the most cost-effective elements a plant can apply. Unexpected downtime in the form of a broken machines, jammed lines and employee injuries are never planned for and can be costly. While regular maintenance can’t promise to alleviate every problem, it can help reduce these unexpected issues and improve the longevity and reliability of tools and machinery throughout the plant….

MET Offers a Variety of Edge Prep Applications and Options

Posted on July 31st, 2019
edge prep machines

There’s some truth to not messing with a good thing. Edge prep technologies could fit within this category. Historically, humans have employed edge prep tools since the beginning of time. Those charged with the important construction of early tools like arrowheads and swords understood the importance of honing an edge to perfection. While there have been some improvements in the craft, the basics of edge prep technology remain largely unchanged. What has evolved is the reliability and consistency new edge prep technology offers to manufacturers in a range of industries. Prior to the modern age of industrialization, edge prep was in the hands of a minority. These craftsmen were known and sought out for their stone-sharpening techniques. Knowledge was then passed to an apprentice who may or may not have had the same abilities as the master. It was a…