The motto, “Be the Solution,” resonates following the now completed 2017 State of Manufacturing Tour by the National Association of Manufacturers and its C.E.O., Jay Timmons. The tour recognized that the manufacturing industry in the United States is once again in the limelight and a hot topic of conversation. The importance of the industry in our everyday American lives is evident, from the products it produces, to the families it feeds, to providing a necessity for our economic strength nationally and internationally. The tour began this year in the Emerson facility in Austin, Texas and concluded in Madison, Wisconsin. N.A.M.’s goal is to help motivate the current state of affairs towards truly innovative and lasting change for the industry that gives workers job security and the tools needed to succeed in the industrial job market.

N.A.M., led the tour this year with a clear and simple message: it’s time to accept the change of modernization in the industry and prepare our workers. He’s spreading this message across the country and throughout the industrial centers of the United States: Texas, New York, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. By capturing the manufacturing narratives that resonate in our American history, Mr. Timmons understands that what matters most are the workers, their families, their towns, and their state economies. He understands that manufacturing is key to providing security and economic strength to all facets of the market.

But how do we ensure that the industry changes? N.A.M.’s tour promotes the modernization of the industry by embracing technological advances that can guarantee quality production in the United States. Even their stops on tour were held at some of the most advanced facilities in the U.S. which use alternative processing methods and modernize their workers. Of course, this transition at the industrial level means we must prepare our workers for flexibility with the oncoming tide of change. N.A.M.’s message definitely doesn’t neglect this and instead, insists that industry standards do not ignore the need to upscale pay, upskill workers, and stabilize jobs for the future. It seems N.A.M. has their priorities in line with the American manufacturer, and his employees and companies are responding well to the message.

Although the message isn’t political, it was mentioned that the future of policy-making in Washington today looks brighter than it has in many years. It is up to business leaders to guide these policy-making decisions and to work with the government to help bring back manufacturing to its full potential. “Be the Solution” is a message now quickly spreading in the manufacturing industry.

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