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Edge Preparation is Essential Maintenance for Any Cutting Tool

Posted on October 15th, 2021
edge preparation

Edge preparation is essential maintenance for any cutting tool made from any material (scientists haven’t yet found a material that will stay sharp indefinitely, but they’re probably still looking). Since the first stone knife was fashioned, all those millennia ago, there has been a need for edge prep. Fortunately for those of us living in the 21st Century, edge preparation has become a lot easier. So, if you’re working with drill bits, endmills, reamers, taps, hob cutters, shaper cutters, stick blades, saw blades, or rock drills, you know by now that each of those tools will someday become dull enough that it will begin to negatively impact the time you put into your work and the quality of the product. But you’d never consider tossing a $69 carbide spur tip just because it was dull. That’s the kind of wasteful…

Edge Preparation Solutions Can Remedy Tool Wear and Prolong Tool Life

Posted on September 10th, 2021
edge preparation solutions

As anybody who works in the machining or manufacturing industry knows, cutting tools are subjected to a lot of use, and they have a lot of opportunities to become worn down. The cutting tools in the average manufacturing facility may have to cut through many kinds of metals, plastic, or other extremely sturdy or dense materials. Not only that, but they must do it repeatedly, under extremely high pressure and often at very high temperatures. That can take a toll on any cutting edge. So how does tool wear happen? Basically, a cutting tool does its job by removing material from whatever part it’s cutting, so that the finished product has the right shape, size, and surface finish. The better honed a tool is, the more accurately it can perform this function. But the friction that allows the tool to…