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An Evolution of Edge Prep Technologies

Posted on June 25th, 2019
edge preparation

There are many things to thank our ancestors for but one of the most useful may be the implementation of tools for sharpening. Their work made sharp points on arrowheads possible and added balance and heft to swords using a simple sharpening stone. With consistent use, these individuals honed their techniques over time. But without consistent use, those skills diminish and the talent of the worker learning the skill is not always transferable. Apprentices learned the craft with some measure of competency, but unfortunately not all exceeded the talents of the master they learned from. The Labor of Craft As in many trades, the work is often only as good as the crafts person doing it. As the need for the work progressed so did the need to produce work that is repeatable and consistent no matter who was doing…

Edge Preparation is About Good Manufacturing Processes

Posted on May 15th, 2019
edge preparation

A dull edge on a tool can produce unnecessary frustration and it can also be a danger to the individual using it. The benefits of having tools with a proper, sharp edge can be traced back to our earliest ancestors. Maintaining a sharp edge on a knife or an arrowhead could make the difference between survival and death, particularly if that sharp point was used to kill dinner or protect a family. Thankfully today, edge preparation is more about good manufacturing processes and less about survival in the wild. Instead of relying on look and feel to determine if an edge is properly prepped, we have advanced processes that involve motorization and mechanization. One of the most important of those processes being honing, the creation of a controlled radius and surface finish improvement. Manufacturers employ honing to many cutting tools…