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Turn the Tables of Manufacturing in 2017

Posted on January 5th, 2017
reshoring trends

The number of opportunities in the manufacturing community is growing while they are also generating diverse amounts of potential for innovation. On the other hand, the industry has also seen its fair share of downgrading. It is no surprise that adaptation and awareness of trends in our industry may hold the key to overcoming new economic challenges. After rounding out 2016, we have new insights on current trends that are expected to rise throughout the next few years. Service: the new product Product manufacturers are starting to add service as a part of their total product package. This has already been seen the auto industry with authorized dealerships handling any local service required. These are known as service bundles and extend to other products. Installation or upgrade package can also be included by the manufacturer to provide customers with that…

The Role of Partnerships in the Future of Manufacturing

Posted on December 19th, 2016
manufacturing innovation

Manufacturing continues to grow and evolve. While many outside the industry may still picture a line of cogs running down an orderly line, the reality is something much different. Today, manufacturing continues to enhance regional and global processing and innovations, innovations for local markets, energy- and/or resource-intensive commodities and labor-intensive tradeables, according to the McKinsley Global Institute. The change occurring in the manufacturing industry is in direct relation to manufacturers who are always looking for ways to innovate. Innovation Driving Competition One of the most exciting things about the current manufacturing environment, as presented within the report from the McKinsley Global Institute, is the continuing demonstration of how manufacturing connects with the service-related inputs of logistics and marketing. Who would’ve thought the impact of one dollar of manufacturing would require 19 centers of service? Within the new manufacturing mindset, traditional…