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Solutions to On Going Manufacturing Innovation

Posted on January 19th, 2017
manufacturing skills gap

In many ways, the manufacturing industry is experiencing a level of dissatisfaction, resulting in the ongoing need to redefine how technology innovations and trade will continue to change the future of manufacturing, as we know it. Reassessing Needs for the Industry Rather than waiting on the maybe-yes, maybe-no possibilities of campaign promises actually taking root, it’s probably more feasible to know it will be up to American manufacturers to look for ways to increase innovation through relevant training and the support local initiatives to team with schools, businesses and other manufacturers to build the viability of manufacturing today and in the future. Looking to the Past to Move Forward In response, some larger companies such as Siemens are looking to resuscitate the apprenticeship programs of the past in an effort to build a workforce with the technological and digital skills…

Turn the Tables of Manufacturing in 2017

Posted on January 5th, 2017
reshoring trends

The number of opportunities in the manufacturing community is growing while they are also generating diverse amounts of potential for innovation. On the other hand, the industry has also seen its fair share of downgrading. It is no surprise that adaptation and awareness of trends in our industry may hold the key to overcoming new economic challenges. After rounding out 2016, we have new insights on current trends that are expected to rise throughout the next few years. Service: the new product Product manufacturers are starting to add service as a part of their total product package. This has already been seen the auto industry with authorized dealerships handling any local service required. These are known as service bundles and extend to other products. Installation or upgrade package can also be included by the manufacturer to provide customers with that…