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The Type of Replacement Edge Prep Brushes Needed Depends on The Task

Posted on October 1st, 2021
edge prep brush

When it comes to working with tools that have cutting edges, sharp is the order of the day. Sharp edges get the job done. Dull cutting edges only cause problems along the manufacturing line. Nobody wants their piecework to come off the line with ragged edges. Companies are continually turning to edge preparation systems to keep their cutting instruments sharp and in good working order. It doesn’t matter if you’re utilizing drills, endmills, reamers, taps, shaper cutters, stick blades, or saw blades, sharp edges cut better. To keep all your cutting instruments on the manufacturing line sharp, you need an edge prep system in place that has the proper brush (or brushes) for your edge prep needs. At MET, we’re a manufacturer of edge prep systems that can produce an edge prep on a wide variety of tool styles, shapes,…