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Addressing Cyber-Security in the Manufacturing Industry

Posted on July 13th, 2018
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As consumers, we’ve become accustomed to attacks on cyber-security in the form of data breaches. With 1,579 data breaches reported in 2017, the propensity for such threats continues to grow. Similar concerns also extend to the machines used on the shop floor of a manufacturing plant. Increasingly “smart” machines, which are connected to the internet, mean maintenance practices now require a new level of technical expertise and a heightened level of security for Operational Technology (OT) networks. Preventing OT Attacks Throughout the manufacturing floor, OT networks are designed to work together. The integrated system of networks includes industrial control and supervisory control and data acquisition systems. Such linked systems were once designed to stand alone with no additional outside protection needed, but connections to corporate networks for the communication of data mean these systems now handle real-time information and with…

New Jersey Has a Thriving Food Manufacturing Industry

Posted on February 21st, 2018
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Manufacturing In New Jersey breaks down into three major industries: the chemical industry, the computer and electronics, and food, beverage & tobacco industry. The latter becoming a huge contender to surpass the chemical industry in many areas as we’ll explore next. A thriving industry worth $104 billion, the food manufacturing industry is expanding at a whole new pace. Around 1900 food manufacturing companies currently employ a total of 44,000 people. A few of the best-known in the state are Campbell Soups, Arizona Brewing Company, and Goya Foods. When the world’s largest producer of soups agreed to buy Bolthouse Farms for about $1.55 billion, it sent ripples across the state. Expanding its footprints in the soup business, the company also decided to go into a strategic partnership with Chef’d, an e-commerce meal marketplace. President and Chief Executive Officer at Campbell Soup Company,…