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National Manufacturing Day 2018 Opened Doors and Opened Minds

Posted on October 18th, 2018
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Qualified candidates are always in demand and staffing the manufacturing industry is no exception. When it comes to connecting with and inspiring the next generation of manufacturers, innovation and open-mindedness are where to start, and National Manufacturing Day 2018 didn’t disappoint. This year’s Open Doors, Open Minds theme helped attract new generations to the manufacturing industry with celebrations highlighting what’s new in the industry throughout the month of October. Participants enjoyed seeing new technological advances and were pleasantly surprised to see the growing range of manufacturing applications from auto and aeronautics to medical and chemical. National Manufacturing Day introduced younger generations to the many career opportunities in the manufacturing field. Such possibilities continue to grow each year as the industry discovers more ways to blend traditional manufacturing processes with new advances in technology. Despite this, the industry still must combat…

National Manufacturing Day Continues Momentum for Industry

Posted on November 4th, 2016
national manufacturing day

National Manufacturing Day events, celebrated each Oct. 7, were once again deemed a success with participation from more than 2,639 sites in the United States and Canada. 179 of these events took place in Ohio with manufacturers offering tours, career-exploration panels, demonstrations and Q&A sessions. For many of the participants, this may have been one of the first times they saw the inner workings of the manufacturing industry. In these each instances, it is a first step in breaking down the stereotypes of manufacturing as being a dirty, monotonous job. Continued Growth and Innovation Demonstrating this side of manufacturing is instrumental to the ongoing efforts to attract a new generation to the manufacturing industry. It is also one that dovetails with the Obama Administration’s new report from the National Economic Council demonstrating efforts to improve effectiveness in the industry. Inherent…