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Nylon Abrasive Brushes

Posted on June 10th, 2021
nylon abrasive brushes

In edge preparation, the use of nylon abrasive brushes is the most effective way to produce a highly controlled, specific edge prep on the edge of any cutting tool or similar instrument. Unlike other methods – such as drag finishing or blasting – the nylon abrasive brush can be angled and focused on a specific area of the tool, as well as kept away from areas not to be touched by the abrasive material. And given that the visual evidence of reduced diameter or density of a brush is obvious to the machine operator, the breakdown of the media is more predictable versus the breakdown of mass-finishing media size, shape, chemistry, etc. In short, nylon abrasive brushes have proven to be enormously effective and efficient in edge honing. As such, MET considers the use of nylon brush media with nearly…

Nylon Brushes for Edge Prep

Posted on April 18th, 2016

As a manufacturer using edge prep solutions, there’s a good chance that you’ve considered the topic of nylon brushes for edge prep. Depending if you’re looking to prep an edge for a drill bit, cutting tool, end mills, reamer, tap, carbide insure, gear hob, gear-shaped cutter or a spiral bevel stick blade, it’s reasonable to assume you’ve come across jobs that appear better suited to one kind of brush or another. The use of nylon abrasive brushes for their effective and economical results. Nylon brushes have the ability to create a controlled and specific edge prep on the edge of any cutting tool or instrument you choose to put to the task. When compared with blasting and drag finishing, nylon brushes are clearly superior. One reason for this is the ease of using a nylon brush at an angle. This…