In life, some things intuitively seem to make sense. On the other side, other aspects somehow work but don’t make much sense until you see them in action. In the manufacturing world, edge prep could fall in the category of needing to see the benefits to believe them. Case in point being how removing material from a cutting tool could extend its overall life.

Preparing the Tool Edge for Cutting

Edge prep readies the edge of the tool for cutting at the main point of contact. This area in question is not always a place that’s visible to the naked eye, but it’s a difference that soon becomes more noticeable through the machining process. Secondly, employing edge prep helps reduce stress risers. These tiny lines appear as a serrated edge under a microscope. During the machining process, those tiny areas create an area of stress. The buildup of stress can contribute to breakdown in the tool and the work possible using the tool. Edge prep can also blunt the cutting edge of the tool keeping the tool in compression from the force of the cut.

A Pioneer in Edge Prep Technologies

Originating with the OLS brand, Mutschler Edge Technologies (MET) continues to be a leading manufacturer of edge prep designed to create edge prep radii on round tools since the mid-1990s. Finding great support for the OLS product, MET soon created the Mutschler Edge Technology edge prep machines in 2008 for use on step drills, reamers, drills and end mills. The MET-4 Servo Edge Prep machine also has the ability to polish the flutes of any tool with the use of an interpolated axis. The Mutschler Edge Technology Edge Prep Systems include the MET-2 Edge Prep Machine, MET-4 Servo Edge Prep Machine, MET-4 with Robot Load Option, and the MET-10 Insert Edge Prep Machine.

Each MET edge prep application offers the option of standard or custom programs. Standard programs allow an operator to select from 10 specific, factory-set edge prep programs. The custom option offers greater customization and is adaptable to the unique tools of the customer with storage for up to 250 recipes in the memory of the machine.

Whether you choose a standard or custom program, MET always looks to collaborate with customers to develop the perfect edge prep tool to improve work piece surface finish, reduce spindle load, lower manufacturing costs, and extend tool life. To learn about MET’s custom edge prep work, visit our testimonials page or contact MET today to learn how our skilled manufacturing workforce can create a custom edge-prep solution for you.