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Ohio’s Manufacturing Economy Continues to Improve and Innovate

Posted on February 16th, 2017
ohio manufacturing

We all remember 2009 and how across the United States in the most industrialized parts of our nation, we suffered heavy economic losses. Ohio was no exception with all the same characteristics of the recession in its local economies: big industry moving out of the cities, an ever-increasing skills gap in the workforce, and a large decline in manufacturing industry jobs. But in the last number of years, there have been signs of a recovery that can give us a breath of fresh air. There has been federal funding coming from the Obama administration that promotes 3-D manufacturing. In Youngstown, Ohio, millions of federal funding dollars combined with private investments created the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute that promotes high-tech 3-D manufacturing product innovation and investigation. One thing is clear, Ohio is on the road back to recovery. The big…

How STEM Education Helps Accelerate the Manufacturing Industry

Posted on November 18th, 2016
STEM manufacturing

In an effort to solve the industry’s skills gap, many smart and qualified people have studied the problem, namely how to attract a new generation to the manufacturing industry. Efforts such as National Manufacturing Day help to change the perception of the industry by letting students and potential employees see manufacturing processes at work in person. While these efforts are incredibly important, they might not go far enough. By the time someone chooses to tour a facility during National Manufacturing Month, there’s a good chance they will not only have some idea of a career path in mind, they will also have a number of years of schooling and a particular skill set already in place. Starting Earlier In many cases, these individuals will be more proficient in English and History skills and less-than proficient in math and science skills….