MET – 6 Edge Prep Machine

The MET-6 is a universal but specialized machine, designed to generate an edge prep on a large variety of tool types. The unit can process drills, reamers, end mills, step drills, and hobs, as well as many other specialty-type tools. It accepts hobs and end mills up to 10” long and 6” in diameter. Drills of most types and styles can be prepped by matching the angle of the cutting face.

The machine uses nylon abrasive radial brushes for all applications.  Special diamond brushes are available for enhanced capabilities and improved surface finishes. The variable speed brush motor is integral to the variable edge prep size and shape.  These brushes, as well as other brush types, can be used for polishing. Wheel packs can be specific to tools, or a common wheel pack used for all operations.

Machine controls allow the operation of the MET-6 by anyone within a few hours. The conversational operator interface allows the operator to select the tool type (end mill, step drill, hob), diameter, length of flute (on round tools) angle of drill tip (on drills) type of edge prep such as a full radius, waterfall or reverse waterfall and size of the radius. By selecting these parameters, the machine automatically adjusts itself to produce the end results. In addition, using the “custom-cycle” feature, the machine can be set up to allow a user-specific or unusual edge prep beyond the scope of the standard available sequences. Appropriate password protection is installed for various levels of access.