MET – 6 AL Edge Prep Machine with Robot Loader

We are pleased to present our MET-6 Servo AL Edge Prep Machine Robot Loader option. The MET-6 is a full servo machine designed with faster cycle times and increased setup parameters. Also, 250 recipes are available for storage per alphanumeric part numbers.

Features of the Robot Loader option:

  • The machine is equipped with a Fanuc LR200 6-axis robot.
  • The robot allows for easy use with dual grippers to unload/load each sequence.
  • Tool trays are placed in a fixed location on the machine.
  • Can accept a variety of standard tool trays from various manufacturers – contact us for details.
  • Tray one is full of new tools to be processed/properly aligned.
  • Tray two is empty to receive finished tools after the edge prep process. 
  • Robot will be mounted to an independent base and enclosure which is then married to the MET-6 edge prep machine

The loader allows the machine to operate unattended or it can be operated as a standard, manually loaded MET-6 machine. It utilizes standard tool trays used in many other operations so there is usually no need to purchase more trays or incorporate additional handling. It is also capable of being adapted to other tray styles that are used. The loader has length and diameter limitations of 6.0″ overall length and 1.00″ diameter. The loader option provides the ultimate solution to the already robustly designed MET-6 machine.