About Us

Our Philosophy:

Produce a cost effective machine that enables the user to apply either a standard or custom edge prep to a wide range of cutting tools, and to let the end user choose what type of edge prep is best for their tools.

Our Impressions of Edge Prep:

A tools cutting edge benefits from edge preparation in many ways. These are generally varied opinions based on testing, tool types, material, machine rigidity and general process control. The size and the shape of the edge prep can also be argued and although size seems to matter, we are not certain that shape can does. Edge Prep is done manually and has been for a long time from the toolmaker stoning an end mill to operator hand brushing end mills on a rotating nylon abrasive brush. This premise confirms that no matter what, some edge prep is better than none. The consistency factor will improve the overall product performance.

We believe that edge prep is a very company specific and private matter and each company will have differing opinions. None are wrong, some work better. We prefer to learn with you as tools are tested and results are charted. There are basic guidelines to use to start your edge prep tests and we understand and offer that assistance. It is likely that you will see 85% of the benefit of edge prep by using a simplistic, understandable approach such as the MET machines. The remaining 15% benefit comes from the theories of such high level information that may be impractical to apply that the added benefit may be no benefit at all. We feel that our customer, armed with a capable machine will find the recipe for success for their tools through testing and trials. We are producing the capable machine. You also have the option of selecting pre- set recipes as well.

Our History:

MET developed the MET-1 Round Tool Brush Edge Prep Machine in 2008. The machine debuted at IMTS in fall of 2008 and was well received. Soon to follow was the MET-2 which is an improved version with more features and capacities.

MET is a family owned and operated company located in Cleveland, OH in our 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility. We design and build our systems in Cleveland and welcome you to visit to meet our team and tour our plant. MET consists of Adam Mutschler, Applications and Marketing Manager, Christopher Mutschler, Manufacturing Manager and Eric Mutschler, Applications and Engineering. Our staff of ten allows us to oversee the quality of our machines and continually improve their capabilities.

Eric Mutschler began in 1984 building custom gear deburring machines. These units utilized all types of media including grinding wheels, wire and nylon brushes and other types of media. The first major installation was in 1985 when a marine engine manufacturer purchased 10 machines. These machines are still in operation today. Over the years, brushing became a preferred method of deburring as it was a more logical method to deburr parts. Machine designs became more capable and the operator was tasked less and less with the machine functions. Deburring differentiates from edge prep because the incoming part condition varies greatly in deburring. In edge prep, incoming parts are very predictable.

In 1993, OLS was formed by Eric and operated through 2007 building and installing over 1000 machines to all types of industries all over the world.In 1994 and 1995, OLS produced Carbide Insert Honing (edge prep) Machines for two different companies. They are still in operation today.  Christopher joined the company in 1997 and Adam joined in 2000.

In 2007, OLS was sold in an effort to enhance growth. The arrangement did not go as planned and in late 2007, Eric, Chris and Adam started Mutschler Edge Technologies, LLC. MET’s focus was to produce a standard machine capable of accepting a wide range of round cutting tools and allowing the user the capability to create any type of result they desired. With input from several companies, all of which eventually became customers, we had the basic understanding of what the industry was looking for. Our many years of brush applications and machine building backgrounds made this a fairly straight forward task and the MET-1 was born. In fact, by comparison, the application of an edge prep on a cutting tool is far more predictable than that of deburring a part due to the incoming part variability. Our years of brushing parts allowed us to understand the motions required to achieve the results we looked for.

At the 2008 IMTS Show, we had a great deal of interest. Unfortunately, some came from a source that caused some issues with our ability to promote the MET machines and we chose to sit out 2010. Prior to that, we were able to place several units and have had very good results in dependability and ease of use.

Fortunately, in December of 2009, OLS was purchased by Eric from the former owners as they struggled. This allowed us to re-establish the deburring machine market were we had succeeded for many years before. We relocated to our original 20,000 square foot facility in Cleveland and rebuilt the deburring machine company to very viable sales numbers in 2010. This allowed us to bring back many of the original people that had worked for OLS previously and were an asset to MET moving forward. The deburring company is wholly owned by Chris and Adam Mutschler.

January 1st 2011, MET was officially allowed to produce Edge Prep equipment again without any issues. We have been enjoying the reception back to the field and have been fortunate to have received order for the MET-2 machines.

Our Future:

During our time off, we were able to begin development on several complementary items to the MET-2 machines. These include a digital inspection machine to check and record edge preps, allowing you to chart the results with digital documents, a line of diamond brushes specifically designed for our machine (and to be more economical), as well as committing resources to provide an in house edge prep center to service those requiring edge prep service, but cannot currently justify an edge prep system.

We have begun development of an Automated Edge Prep machine capable of loading trays of tools unattended. We also have designs for large machines capable of edge prepping large hobs and other types of tools.

Our Commitment to You, our Customer:

We choose to listen to your input and thoughts of what might make our MET line better. Many of the machine’s designs are a result of that. As we learn more about edge prep, we will continue to improve our machines to reflect the results that you are seeking.  We are a well-rounded, vertically integrated company with multiple generations in place to insure both experience as well as fresh ideas and longevity.

We look forward to learning and working with you.

The MET Team