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The Automotive Industry Fuels Michigan’s Manufacturing Economy

Posted on November 14th, 2017
Michigan manufacturing

Manufacturing is in Michigan’s DNA. Michigan consistently takes 1st or 2nd place among states countrywide with the number of manufacturing jobs created each year. It contributed approximately $2.18 trillion to the nation’s economy in 2016 and 19% of the state GDP comes from the manufacturing sector, which makes Michigan the sixth biggest manufacturing state in the country. Since 2010, Michigan reports a tremendous growth of 24.49% each year in manufactured goods exports.  In 2016, about $52.05 billion in goods were shipped from Michigan. The automotive industry is the fuel that ignites Michigan’s manufacturing economy. It generates an enormous $36,953 million revenue. Furthermore, this industry provides employment opportunities to 20% of the state’s population. Let’s look at 2 of the big automotive manufacturing companies in detail. Ford Motor Co. In 2016, the company generated $151.8 billion in revenue while Ford’s global…

Auto Parts Manufacturing Before Auto Assembly Manufacturing

Posted on February 9th, 2017
automotive manufacturing

In a recent conversation with the top automotive industrial giant’s of  the United States’ big manufacturing companies, the Trump Administration attempted to solve one of its’ top issues from election campaign platform, moving automotive jobs from Mexico back to the United States. The question that comes to mind, is should the auto-assembly industry be the primary focus? Parts manufacturing is one of the largest job markets within the automotive industry and many of those plants for auto-parts manufacturing are in Mexico.  While a recent study from MEMA (Motor and Equipment Manufacturing Association) shows that auto-parts jobs have risen since 2012, the goals set by the new administration must fall in line with the facts and provide strategies that maintain and promote this growth. For every one auto assembly job, there are seven auto-parts opportunities. This is a fact that would…