As a family-based company in Cleveland, Ohio, Mutschler Edge Technology has long known the benefits of building and maintaining a manufacturing business in the United States that has a foundation in quality and consistency. It is because of this strong base that the company continues to have the ability to evolve and change with the times and needs of its customers.

Family-Run Company

In 1984, Eric Mutschler, one of the Mutschler Edge Technology founders, began constructing custom gear deburring machines that included the use of wire and nylon brushes and grinding machines. Nine years later, Eric created the company OLS, which installed more than 1,000 of the custom gear deburring machines all over the world. Family members Christopher, manufacturing manager, and Adam, applications and marketing manager, joined in 1997 and 2000, respectively. Following the sale of OLS in 2007 in an effort to maximize growth, the Mutschler group founded Mutschler Edge Technology to manufacture custom and standard brush deburring machines such as the MET-2, MET-4 round tools and the MET-10 inserts.

While much has been written about the reshoring initiative of moving companies back to the United States that were once overseas, Mutschler Edge Tech is proud of its long-standing foundation in Cleveland, Ohio, which allows the company to supply quality and dependable customer service, a safe environment for its workers and quality manufacturing of custom edge prep solutions for our customers.

Local Pride

Companies who set up business in the United States have the opportunity to put down roots in a community through hiring local workers and making contributions to the local community at large. Mutschler Edge Tech occupies a 20,000 square foot facility in Cleveland, Ohio. In that location its workforce is made up of multiple generations including members of the Mutschler family as well as a number of workers who were originally employed at OLS. Mutschler Edge Tech employs family, friends and neighbors so we place an absolute emphasis on creating safety requirements that keep all of our workers out of harm’s way.

Custom Designed

When a company is located in the United States, as opposed to overseas, suppliers are able to get their materials quicker and customers receive a machine for custom edge prep solutions that’s built to their specifications. Mutschler Edge Tech prides itself on listening to the input of customer feedback in order to make improvements to the MET line. Our goal is to create a custom edge prep result for each customer including the shape and construction of variable controls in order to create the shape/size that is most well-suited to the edge prep requirements of your business. After design and installation, the Mutschler Edge Tech Team provides training for your employees in the latest edge prep techniques.

Quality Machines

Although Mutschler Edge Tech supplies our edge prep solutions around the world, we place an emphasis on working with our customers face-to-face in order to produce the desired result and testing is a large part of this. The testing process allow us to determine the edge prep guidelines that best suit your company’s needs. We believe the MET machines can provide a consistency that will improve overall product performance. To learn more about creating a custom edge prep solution, contact Mutschler Edge Prep.