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Edge Preparation Solutions Can Remedy Tool Wear and Prolong Tool Life

Posted on September 10th, 2021
edge preparation solutions

As anybody who works in the machining or manufacturing industry knows, cutting tools are subjected to a lot of use, and they have a lot of opportunities to become worn down. The cutting tools in the average manufacturing facility may have to cut through many kinds of metals, plastic, or other extremely sturdy or dense materials. Not only that, but they must do it repeatedly, under extremely high pressure and often at very high temperatures. That can take a toll on any cutting edge. So how does tool wear happen? Basically, a cutting tool does its job by removing material from whatever part it’s cutting, so that the finished product has the right shape, size, and surface finish. The better honed a tool is, the more accurately it can perform this function. But the friction that allows the tool to…

Advances in Machining Technology Require Better Edge Preparation Solutions

Posted on September 2nd, 2021
edge preparation solutions

Like any industry, the manufacturing industry changes over time, especially in response to new advances in technology, and those processes that go into manufacturing must change to keep up or risk being left behind. Machining is no exception. It is estimated that in the aerospace industry alone demands for machining capacity will triple in the next 20 years! This increased demand, along with evolutions in technology, materials, and other areas mean new challenges for the manufacturing industry, and to meet those challenges, cutting tools that can make the cut (no pun intended) are going to be in increasingly high demand. And proper edge preparation solutions can help make sure that cutting tools are within specifications and functioning properly. But let’s look at some of the new challenges that are affecting cutting tools today. A big one is that parts are…