Many of life’s successes are the result of small actions that build on each other over time. With continuous motion, these habits and consistencies become building blocks toward the maintenance of life. Such a level of maintenance through discipline also applies to the tools and machinery used in a manufacturing plant. Regular maintenance is key to making tools and machinery last longer and perform better over time.

While this level of maintenance might feel like overkill at times, it’s one of the most cost-effective elements a plant can apply. Unexpected downtime in the form of a broken machines, jammed lines and employee injuries are never planned for and can be costly. While regular maintenance can’t promise to alleviate every problem, it can help reduce these unexpected issues and improve the longevity and reliability of tools and machinery throughout the plant.

Extend Tool Life

If you’re not yet convinced, consider that unexpected expenses such as replacing tools that are worn out or malfunctioning is money that no longer goes to the bottom line. As an edge preparation specialist, Mutschler Edge Technologies (MET) understands first-hand the many benefits that edge prep provides. It’s evident in every shift. A well-honed edge is instrumental to the workings of endmills, drill bits, reamers, carbide inserts, taps, gear hobs, spiral bevel stick blades, gear-shaper cutters and a range of cutting tools. Brush edge prep meets many application needs with the only constraint being a 6.0” maximum tool diameter and a 10.0” maximum overall length.

Tool Longevity

There’s a good chance that many of items see regular use and employees using the tools depend on them to be well-maintained to do their job well. Using edge prep to ensure the longevity of the lifespan of a tool reduces overhead costs and maintains the quality of the surface finish. MET is always on the lookout for improvements to existing systems that address the various edge prep and edge honing needs a manufacturer needs today and in the future.

Industry Experts

MET works directly with industry experts to understand how our edge prep processes can help everyone in the industry to work smarter. To this end, we’ve developed systems for use on rotational tools of all kinds. When manufacturers work with MET, they discover there really is a brush that suits every edge prep application. Manufacturers can create custom edge prep systems with actions and the ability to change their brushes. This includes the ability to inspect at close tolerance and measure with ease. Our systems are also easy to service.

Ease of Use

MET’s cost-effective edge prep properties are also easily reproduced by anyone using the process. Workers on the line require no special skills or apprenticeships to operate the equipment and can produce