There are many things to thank our ancestors for but one of the most useful may be the implementation of tools for sharpening. Their work made sharp points on arrowheads possible and added balance and heft to swords using a simple sharpening stone. With consistent use, these individuals honed their techniques over time. But without consistent use, those skills diminish and the talent of the worker learning the skill is not always transferable. Apprentices learned the craft with some measure of competency, but unfortunately not all exceeded the talents of the master they learned from.

The Labor of Craft

As in many trades, the work is often only as good as the crafts person doing it. As the need for the work progressed so did the need to produce work that is repeatable and consistent no matter who was doing it. Today, those same skills are evident in edge prep technology, a critical element of the manufacturing process. Often thought of as the final manufacturing step, deburring of metal and hard plastic is a critical part many manufacturing processes.

Deburring at its most basic removes the burrs from the edges of sprockets and components. While often small, burrs can cause significant damage to machinery and those who operate it. Burrs can create friction, break off and lodge into machinery and cause cuts and bruises to those working on the line. Smoothing created through edge prep processes employs the concept of the sharpening stone used by our creative ancestors and re-engages it with innovative technology.

Mutschler Edge Technologies (MET) has taken edge prep technologies to a new level using a rotating abrasive brush. Manufacturers can choose brushes made from a variety of materials, each supplying its own beneficial characteristics. Brushes can be made of silicon carbide, ceramic or even diamond. Depending on the abrasive quality needed, brush edge prep can be used with a range of applications including drill bits, most styles and types of endmills, taps, reamers, hob cutters and shape cutters. The only constraints being a 6.0” maximum tool diameter and a 10.0” maximum overall length.

MET strives to produce cost-effective edge prep options that smooth in a manner that’s reproduceable by anyone who uses the process. No special skills or apprenticeships required. Users can choose from standard or custom edge prep options to hone cutting tools and improve surface finishes. MET also offers replacement brushes to prolong the life of your machine. Contact the company for specifics of your replacement brush in order to select the proper brush for the application.