The MET 6-AL (Auto Loader) utilizes a Fanuc robot to load and unload tools into the MET 6 edge prep system. With the MET pallet system, various diameters and lengths can be used, and in most cases, this system can be adapted to utilize your existing tool trays.

Each MET machine is a universal machine designed to create edge prep radii on a large variety of round tool types. These units can process drills, reamers, end mills, step drills, and hobs. The machines are intended to offer something for everyone.

From the very basic MET Manual to the MET 6 Auto Load, the edge prep is the focus of all systems and capabilities, and the budget provides choices for all types of shops. The machine uses a variety of nylon abrasive radial brushes for all applications. We can provide special brushes for unusual applications and support your brush needs into the future.

“Edge prep” is a small radii placed on the specific cutting edges of tools. The consistency from tool-to-tool will be extremely precise as all parameters are under control. The type of edge prep prescribed for a particular tool is driven by many factors such as the type of material to be cut by the tool, feeds and speeds intended, coolant, machine tool, and other factors. Our support team of highly experienced edge prep specialists will help you every step of the way.

Our machines are proudly made in Cleveland, Ohio USA by American craftsmen that have many years of experience. Their dedication to quality and your satisfaction shows in each machine we deliver. We also offer a variety of measurement and inspection scopes so that you can see what your MET machine is capable of.