edge prep system

There are many benefits to edge preparation for drill bits, end mills, carbide inserts, reamers, taps, gear hobs, gear shaper cutters, spiral bevel stick blades, and a number of different types of cutting tools. For the manufacturing industry, specifically, a well-honed edge will help to ensure tool life (which, in turn, reduces overhead costs for the manufacturer), and it will also help to maintain the surface finish quality of the workpieces. And as the multi-trillion-dollar manufacturing industry relies so heavily on the quality and functionality of its tools, Mutschler Edge Technologies (MET) has gone to great lengths to design, engineer, and develop edge prep systems that can address and honing many kinds of cutting tools. In short, an edge honing or edge prep system for nearly every need!

At MET, our mission is to help cutting tools last longer and perform better – due simply to the fact that the industry experts that work with us know all-too well that in heated manufacturing competition with other companies in the U.S. and around the world, every dollar spent on replacing worn, unusable tools or systems is a dollar taken from the bottom line. As such, MET has gone to great lengths to develop edge prep systems that can handle rotational tools of all types and kinds. We have made certain that the consumables include silicon carbide, ceramic and diamond brushes – a brush type for every application or need. In the design and development of our edge prep systems, we listened carefully to our clients and industry experts and made certain that the edge prep systems we were creating were easy to service. The result, by the way, is a system that easily allows operators to create and store custom edge prep “recipes” and change their own brushes. And we have also made certain that variety of close-tolerance inspection and measurement systems is also available.

MET is proud of its accomplishments. We have shown our edge prep systems to tens of thousands of industrial “decision makers” at the prestigious International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. To date, we have built a line of edge prep systems capable of producing a well-honed edge on a wide variety of tool styles, shapes, and sizes. One of our current achievements, the newly minted MET-10, is being called “an out-of-the-box solution for inserts of all types.”

Of course, our support for our clients does not stop with the delivery of an edge prep system. We have a complete line of edge prep system consumables – replacement brushes for our full line of edge prep systems – available in silicon carbide and diamond. Obviously, there are several factors that go into the selection of brush media, so we like to speak with our clients about their needs before recommending one type of brush media over another, but that’s something that can be accomplished over the phone.

In the end, one of our primary goals is to help our clients find answers to their manufacturing problems and help them choose the best edge prep system for their needs. One of our other goals is to help create a labor-savings for the companies or manufacturing groups that employ our technology.