With the first quarter in the rear-view mirror it’s time to take a second look at capital investments. If it was a good first quarter and things are on track, you might be looking for a way to take things to the next level and further boost efficiency and productivity in your manufacturing business. One way to do this can be with the installation of a universal edge prep solution. By now, most manufacturers are familiar with the benefits a dedicated edge prep solution can provide. That leaves the bigger question of which one to choose.

Personal Investment

While there are many manufacturers ready and able to sell the benefits of a one-size-all edge prep solution, at Mutschler Edge Prep we believe there’s more to edge prep than meets the eye. Through our many years of experience, we’ve found that edge prep is generally a personal thing. The work and needs from one customer to another often have some similarities but more often there’s a benefit to first seeing how a manufacturer needs and wants to use an edge prep solution before considering the purchase. Making the right choice is instrumental in recouping earnings generated through its operation over several years.

With an eye toward this level of versatility in mind, Mutschler Edge Tech created the MET-4 Edge Prep Machine. Designed as a universal edge prep solution, the MET-4 has the ability to work with a variety of round tools, including reamers, step drills, end mills, drills, and other round tools. Using a Mitsubishi servo system, the MET-4 also offers manufacturers improved control, speed, and accuracy. There are also choices when it comes to abrasive elements for deburring. These include brushes made from nylon, diamond, silicon carbide, or ceramic, each offering distinctive deburring capabilities for use with round tools. As a personal preference, Mutschler Edge Tech often leans toward the choice of nylon abrasive brushes, which demonstrate superb versatility and reliability.

Narrowing the Options

When considering strength and durability, it’s reasonable to lean toward the literal strength of products like diamond and silicon carbide, particularly with the need to polish tools with an interpolated axis, but hear us out. Through much experimentation, trial and error and customer input, we’ve found that nylon brushes actually contain the both of best worlds. They contain strength and a level of flexibility with filaments that contain a mix of abrasives. Using a mix of extruded filaments, nylon brushes provide a mix of abrasive elements that allow the customization of polishing as desired. These unique polishing attributes can provide gentle polishing yet remain strong when it’s time for a more aggressive level of abrasion. The customization of the nylon brushes includes filaments in a variety of shapes and sizes. Another benefit to using nylon brushes is wear on the brushes can be easily viewed by the operator. Changeover happens when it needs to, creating less waste.

To learn more about our custom edge prep work contact MET today to learn how our skilled manufacturing workforce can create a custom edge-prep solution for you.