While brushes are available made from silicon carbide, diamond and ceramic, Mutschler Edge Tech prefers to use nylon abrasive brushes for versatility and reliability. The MET-4 Edge Prep Machine offers a universal edge prep solution. Designed to work with a variety of round tools (step drills, end mills, drills, reamers and other round tools), the MET-4 also offers versatility in terms of the abrasive options.

Assembling the Nylon Brush

While at first glance a nylon brush may not sound like the most effective brush to use, particularly when polishing the flutes of tools with an interpolated axis, we believe nylon brushes are uniquely suited for many edge prep tasks. Nylon brushes contain specific combinations of nylon and other abrasive materials. Production of the filaments likely includes a mix of nylon with abrasives and extruding the filaments from the mixture. This process allows the addition of different volumes of abrasive materials that can be essentially customized to create a gentle abrasive suited to polishing or a more aggressive abrasive that’s designed to remove strong material. In addition to being able to customize the level of abrasion, filaments are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Edge Honing Needs

If you’re a manufacturer in need of an edge-honing solution, you’ll quickly realize that using abrasive brushes works only when the brush runs perpendicular to the edge requiring prep. This is where the nylon brush advantage really shines. The nylon brush offers two cutting aspects. The first cut results from the abrasive material contained within the filaments of the brush. The second cut is the force applied on the bristle type or the diameter. This one-two punch of impact and cuts is one of the major reasons why MET prefers the use of a nylon brush for our edge prep solutions.

Need for Performance and Predictability

As the last step in the manufacturing process, it’s important that an edge prep solution enhances the finished product. Nylon brushes have the advantage of providing a common and predictable edge. Another benefit is that as the brushes wear down from use, it’s easy for an operator to see the wear taking place and when it’s time for a replacement. Being aware of these small, yet important, benefits of nylon brushes in edge prep solutions can make a big difference when consistency and reliability make the difference between keeping or gaining a new customer or losing one because of inconsistent work.

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