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Saving Time and Money with MET Edge Prep Processes

Posted on March 21st, 2016

Edge prep processes have become the preferred method for increasing the life of a tool and as a by-product increasing the productivity of an operation.  Ideal edge conditions consist of a combination of substrate, geometry, coating and correct edge preparation. For some time, efforts in this area focused mainly on the geometry, coating and substrate leaving edge prep processes mostly to chance. In the past, the element of chance occurred because of the use of manual processes, which largely depended on the talents of the individual performing the edge prep. Manual edge prep methods might include stoning an end mill or hand brushing using a rotating nylon brush. Evolution in Edge Prep Know-How For manufacturers blessed with the employment of someone adept in manual edge prep there probably seemed little need to explore other options, having the necessary skill and…

MET: Going to Great Lengths to Design, Engineer, and Develop Edge Prep Systems

Posted on March 15th, 2013

There are many benefits to edge preparation for drill bits, end mills, carbide inserts, reamers, taps, gear hobs, gear shaper cutters, spiral bevel stick blades, and a number of different types of cutting tools. For the manufacturing industry, specifically, a well-honed edge will help to ensure tool life (which, in turn, reduces overhead costs for the manufacturer), and it will also help to maintain the surface finish quality of the workpieces. And as the multi-trillion-dollar manufacturing industry relies so heavily on the quality and functionality of its tools, Mutschler Edge Technologies (MET) has gone to great lengths to design, engineer, and develop edge prep systems that are capable of addressing and honing many different kinds of cutting tools. In short, an edge honing or edge prep system for nearly every need! At MET, our mission is to help cutting tools…