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Consider an Edge Prep Solution in 2023 to Extend the Life of your Tools

Posted on December 23rd, 2022
Robot loaded edge prep system

The last couple of years have been tough on those of us in the manufacturing industry. Supply chain woes, inflationary pressures and labor shortages continue to plague many of us, and these issues have unfortunately become a constant in the day-to-day of many of our peers, too. These days, it’s becoming more important than ever to make the most of what you have. For those working with tools such as endmills, reamers, drill bits, taps, hob cutters, stick blades, shaper cutters or rock drills, you know first-hand just how important it is to keep your tools in sharp working order. In fact, keeping these tools in their best working order is critical in your efforts to keep lines running and orders going out the door. Although everyone knows the benefits of keeping tools sharp, these kinds of maintenance features can…

Matching the Right Edge Prep Tool for the Edge Prep Need

Posted on October 24th, 2019
edge prep

The use of a nylon abrasive brush is well-established for edge prep. Nylon is perfect for removing a dull edge. It is also a safe tool that can be effectively used by practically anyone after a short introduction. Nylon is also known for being visually useful because the user will be able to see the breakdown of a brush in diameter and density, making it easier to see the breakdown of mass finishing materials. Beyond Nylon There are times when a nylon brush is not the best tool for the job. Edge prep results can be as small as .0002” and up to .005”. Larger areas needing edge prep typically require the brush to be in contact with the tool for a longer amount of time. Extended contact ultimately creates more wear in the brush. This is a case when…