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Matching the Right Edge Prep Tool for the Edge Prep Need

Posted on October 24th, 2019
edge prep

The use of a nylon abrasive brush is well-established for edge prep. Nylon is perfect for removing a dull edge. It is also a safe tool that can be effectively used by practically anyone after a short introduction. Nylon is also known for being visually useful because the user will be able to see the breakdown of a brush in diameter and density, making it easier to see the breakdown of mass finishing materials. Beyond Nylon There are times when a nylon brush is not the best tool for the job. Edge prep results can be as small as .0002” and up to .005”. Larger areas needing edge prep typically require the brush to be in contact with the tool for a longer amount of time. Extended contact ultimately creates more wear in the brush. This is a case when…

Solutions to On Going Manufacturing Innovation

Posted on January 19th, 2017
manufacturing skills gap

In many ways, the manufacturing industry is experiencing a level of dissatisfaction, resulting in the ongoing need to redefine how technology innovations and trade will continue to change the future of manufacturing, as we know it. Reassessing Needs for the Industry Rather than waiting on the maybe-yes, maybe-no possibilities of campaign promises actually taking root, it’s probably more feasible to know it will be up to American manufacturers to look for ways to increase innovation through relevant training and the support local initiatives to team with schools, businesses and other manufacturers to build the viability of manufacturing today and in the future. Looking to the Past to Move Forward In response, some larger companies such as Siemens are looking to resuscitate the apprenticeship programs of the past in an effort to build a workforce with the technological and digital skills…