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The MET-4 is an Autoloader

Posted on June 2nd, 2021
met 4 autoloader

The MET-4 is an autoloader, a robot loading the machine – the first of numerous edge-prep machines to be “factory ready” for the addition of the robot loader feature. We designed the MET-4 as an autoloader because we knew the benefits of removing “the human element” from the process. As we mentioned in the previous article, humans are, by nature, prone to making little errors from time to time. In the machine-driven honing and edge-prep process, this kind of human error may lead to costly damage to tools that are dropped, scratched, or broken. But, of course, this kind of decision to implement a limited amount of robotics in the edge-preparation process is not without questions from our valued clients. In this follow-up article, we hope to set the record straight on a few of these questions and issues. The…

Edge Prep Machine Options Are Available

Posted on May 25th, 2016

Anytime you need to improve the lifespan and performance of cutting tools, it’s smart to incorporate an edge prep system. At Mutschler Edge Tech (MET), we believe each edge prep need is as unique as the person doing the work. That’s why we create a number of edge prep options that can be used as is or customizable for unique needs. Our core edge prep line includes the MET-2 universal edge prep system that’s designed to handle shape cutters, taps, hob cutters, reamers, drills and endmills. The MET-4 handles round tools with ease using a Mitsubishi servo system known for its improved control, speed, accuracy and capacity. The MET-4 option is also available with a robot load option. The MET-10 edge prep solution incorporates dual intelligent part rotational spindles to apply specific radii. The edge prep machine also provides offset…