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How Can the Manufacturing Skills Gap be Filled?

Posted on January 18th, 2023
manufacturing skills gap

Over the years we have often written about the manufacturing skills gap and its long-range impacts on the industry. In August 2022, the industry had 795,000 job openings. Why are there so many openings? According to study findings by the industry and Deloitte, there’s a persistent mismatch in structural skills. The industry also continues to be plagued by old perceptions, making it challenging to attract new workers to manufacturing. Knowing that manufacturing companies are increasingly competing with other sectors for skilled labor, it’s time for a new approach. This comes in the form of an extensive and forward-looking study conducted by The Manufacturing Institute, the workforce development and education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers, in partnership with Rockwell Automation and PTC software. The study titled Future Skill Needs in Manufacturing: A Deep Dive, shared predictions on where they…

Additive Manufacturing Could Ease the Skillsgap

Posted on August 30th, 2016
manufacturing skills

There is much talk about how to revitalize the industry. The calls for reinvention come from many different sources such as schools looking to educate the next generation of workers, politicians who look to rectify the results of old trade agreements and manufacturers facing a generation of retiring workers and the effects of the skills gap on hiring. An Inside Approach For years various parties, connected both loosely and closely, have continued to propose ways to navigate the skills gap and plan for the next generation of manufacturing, but these initiatives typically fall short of the needed expectations for various reasons. In some cases this might be the result of those proposing solutions failing to work close enough to those doing the work to truly understand what’s needed. Other times, political agendas get in the way of real change. Perhaps…