The Midwest is a well-known and important hub for manufacturing. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, the manufacturing industry helped to drive Ohio’s economy with $40.52 billion in manufactured goods exports and total output from manufacturing was $112.11 billion in 2019. In terms of manufacturing output that represents a steady rise in manufacturing power within the state since 2010.

The top five manufacturing sectors in the state are chemicals, motor vehicles and parts, fabricated metal products, food, beverage and tobacco products, and machinery. As a manufacturer located in Cleveland, Mutschler Edge Tech (MET) is proud to call Ohio home. As a producer of custom gear deburring machines, we work with a number of industries located throughout Ohio and the U.S.

Our family-owned business began producing deburring machines in 1984. Our first major installation was with a marine engine manufacturer in 1985. These units used grinding wheels, wire and nylon brushes and a variety of other media designed to meet the manufacturer’s needs. We are proud to say these machines are still in operation today.

Our work incorporates our experience with brush applications and a background of machine building. At Mutschler Edge Tech, we focus on the production of a standard machine, one that’s capable of accepting a range of round cutting tools and the ability to create any desired result. Today, the company continues to grow as more industries discover the many benefits of edge prep. We attribute this growth to knowing that a customer armed with the right machine will find a successful recipe for their tools and we are proud to provide that capable machine.

Following several changes to our business structure over the years, MET established its 20,000 square foot facility in Cleveland. Today that business structure still includes family members and staff who worked at OLS, another family company, years before. Throughout our history, we’re proud to have introduced a number of complementary items to the MET-2 machines. These include a digital inspection machine to check and record edge preps, a line of diamond brushes, and resources for those needing edge prep services.

We are proud to be an important part of the Ohio manufacturing industry. The MET team looks forward to collaborating with you on your edge prep needs.