Edge prep is a process that is used to increase the performance and life of cutting tools.  Our case studies page is dedicated to highliting the benefits of edge prep by looking at real applications, and being able to determine the changes in tool performance based solely on the edge prep process.

We will continue to update our case studies page as we receive feedback data and information from our customers.

Case Study 1

Tool Details:

1.25″ Diameter Solid Carbide Ball Nose Endmill
6.00″ Flute Length

Tool Price: $600.00 per tool

What It’s Cutting: Titanium

What We Did: Apply a light edge prep to the tip, angle and O.D. of the tool.

The Results:

Before: Before Edge Prep, the tool cut one part before needing reconditioning

    Cost Per Part: $600.00

After: After Edge Prep, the tool cut three parts before needing reconditioning

  Cost Per Part: $200.00

Life Increase: 200%

The Conclusion:

This test consisted of two tools, the first being applied a light prep, and the second being applied a medium prep. The life of the first tool was as described in this report, while the life of the second tool declined. This demonstrates the critical nature of a consistent and repeatable edge prep to the cutting tool edge.