We are pleased to present our MET-10 Insert Edge Prep Machine. The MET-10 is a universal machine designed to create edge prep radii on a large variety of inserts. The machine will have dual intelligent part rotational spindles to apply specific radii as well as offset adjustment for waterfall and full radii selection.

The MET-10 Insert Edge Prep Machine will produce repeatable edge prep results using diamond brushes. Silicon carbide and ceramic brushes can also be used depending on materials and desired results. Parts are loaded into special tool holders and the machine operates automatically.

Machine controls allow operation of the MET-10 by anyone within a few minutes. You can choose from either:

Standard Programs:
Standard programs are provided so the operator can select from any of of the specific insert programs to apply a specific and consistent edge prep. This provides a starting point for repeatable results. These recipes are factory installed.

Custom Programs:
Custom and unique programs can be stored specific to your unique tools. This is used in more advanced tools and tools that require special attention. Edge Preps by definition are small radii placed on the cutting edge of tools. The consistency from tool to tool will be extremely precise as all parameters are under control. The type of edge prep prescribed for a particular tool is going to be driven by a lot of factors such as type of material to be cut by the tool, feeds and speeds intended.

The conversational operator interface allows the operator to select the parameters required to reach the intended results. Select the tool type to edge prep and by selecting the recipe, the machine automatically adjusts itself to produce the end results. Brush wear is adjusted manually. These parameters are all adjustable and can be saved into a recipe to be recalled later. The basic tool types are all saved as factory edge preps and custom edge preps can be created and saved as well. Additionally, the machine can be manually set up to allow a user specific or unusual edge prep beyond the scope of the standard available sequences.

The unit is small and portable operating on 110 VAC only. Its full footprint is 30” wide x 30” deep x 60” tall weighing approx. 750 pounds. The unit is on wheels for portability and used locking front swivel and fixed rear wheels for easy motion.

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