We are pleased to present our MET-4 Servo AL Edge Prep Machine with the optional ROBOT Loader. The MET-4 is a full servo machine designed with faster cycle times and increased set up parameters. Also, 250 recipes are available for storage per alpha numeric part numbers.

  • The machine is equipped with a Mitsubishi Model RV-3SDB-S15 6 axis robot.
  • The machine is utilizing a robot for ease of use of dual grippers to unload/load each sequence.
  • Trays will be placed in a fixed location on the machine.
  • Tray one is full of parts/properly aligned.
  • Tray two is empty to receive finished parts.
  • Base will be modified to become more robust to support the robot platform.
  • Robot will be overhead to allow for full range below minimizing the area of motion.

The loader allows the machine to operate unattended or it can be operated as a standard, manually loaded MET-4 machine. It will use the current trays that SGS uses in many of their other operations. It will be capable of adapting to all tray styles that are used. The loader will have length and diameter limitations of 6.0″ overall length and 1.00″ diameter. The loader option will utilize the developed MET-4 machine which has a great deal of capability and will be incorporated into this already robust design.

*Other references to sizes and capacity referred to later in this quote are for the manually loaded option, not for the auto load system.

The MET-4 is a universal machine designed to create edge prep radii on a large variety of tools. The unit can process drill, reamers, end mills, step drills and hobs. It accepts hobs and end mills up to 10” long and 6” diameter. Drills of all types can be prepped by matching the angle of the cutting face.

The machine uses a nylon abrasive 8.0” radial brush for all applications. A diamond brush is available for enhanced capabilities. The variable speed ½ hp motor is programmed for the variable edge preps. A long trim brush is used to allow free flowing of the bristles to the work piece. A smaller (up to 7.0” brush) is used for polishing. Wheel packs can be specific to tools or a common wheel pack used for all operations.

Machine controls allow operation of the MET-4 by anyone within a few hours. The conversational operator interface allows the operator to select the tool type (end mill, step drill, hob), diameter, length of flute (on round tools) angle of drill tip (on drills) type of edge prep such as a full radius, waterfall or reverse waterfall and size of radius. By selecting these parameters, the machine automatically adjusts itself to produce the end results. In addition, the machine can be manually set up to allow a user specific or unusual edge prep beyond the scope of the standard available sequences. Appropriate password protection is installed for various levels of access.

The unit is small and portable operating on 110 VAC only. Its full footprint is 42” wide x 24” deep x 72” tall weighing approx. 750 pounds.

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