We are pleased to present our MET-4 Servo Edge Prep Machine. The MET-4 is a highly universal machine designed to create edge prep radii on a large variety of round tools.

The unit can process drill, reamers, end mills, step drill and virtually any type of round tool as well as polish the flutes of any tool using an interpolated axis to follow the helix desired. We utilize a Mitsubishi servo system for improved speed, control, capability and accuracy. It is capable of unique and specific edge preps that are within 5 microns flute to flute. The MET-4 uses a variation of nylon abrasive 8.0” to 4.0” radial brushes for all applications. Brushes use various abrasives including silicon carbide, ceramic and diamond. All brushes are available from MET including varieties of grit size in all abrasives for various end results. The MET-4 can use a single brush or can be configured to use a dual or three brush wheel pack for a variety of rough and polish process. This is a dry process.

Operator friendly machine controls allow operation of the MET-4 by anyone within a few minutes. You can choose from either:

Standard Programs:
Standard programs are provided so the operator can select from any of 10 programs to apply a specific and consistent edge prep. This provides a starting point for basic edge prep generation. These are factory set.

Custom Programs:
Custom and unique programs can be stored specific to your unique tools. This is used in more advanced tools and tools that require special attention. Up to 250 recipes can be stored in the machine memory. The unit is upgradeable to 650 custom programs. Edge Preps by definition are small radii placed on the cutting edge of tools. The consistency from tool to tool will be extremely precise as all parameters are under control. The type of edge prep prescribed for a particular tool is going to be driven by factors such as type of material to be cut by the tool, feeds and speeds intended.

Robot Ready:
The MET-4 Machines are built and programmed to accept the addition of the robot load module at any time. The controls are ready to accept the loader and the loading program is part of your standard MET-4 machine. Robot loaded machines incorporate a separate module that locate next to any MET-4 machine and can provide auto loading from a variety of tray designs. This is standard with your machine. We recommend the use of the optional Air Chuck upgrade if there is a consideration of installing the loader in the future.

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